Rent a Dunk Tank for your Party

There is no party rental better for a event in the summer. Dunk your family and friends in a 350 gallon tank of ice-cold water at the next cookout at home for a refreshing twist. While the Dunk Tank can be enjoyed by everyone, only ages 12 and up can sit on the dunking seat. Our delivery team will set up the Dunk Booth and train operators on your location at delivery.

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Portable Dunk Tank Rentals in Connecticut

dunking booth rental at school field day outdoor event on a sunny Connecticut day

Pictured above is our Trailer Dunk Tank Rental, delivered and installed on location.

Dunk Tank Prices
6 Hour Rental $250.00
Pick Up Rental $250.00
Weekday Rental $225.00
Dunk Tank Information
Rental Item Area 7'L x 12'W x 8'H
Operating Area 25'L x 15'W x 8'H
Adult Operators 1-2
Participants 2
Water Access Within 25'
Spigot Hookup Garden Hose
Electricity Access None

Dunk Tanks take approximately 45 minutes to fill from a garden hose. Dunk tank rentals in Connecticut are a great way to cool off in the summer! Our deluxe dunk tank rentals hold 350 gallons of water, making every fall into the dunk tank an exciting one. Ideal for corporate events, fundraisers, and block parties, dunking booth rentals add excitement to any event. Great for team building, dunk your boss events, camps, and dunk your counselor events. The person wo is going to be dunked sits on a seat behind the safety cage, and when the target is hit by a thrown ball, the dunkee is dropped into the dunking booth. Our Connecticut dunk tank rentals come with clear windows so the crowd can see all the action.

* 3-Hour Rentals are available Sunday-Friday. We offer 6-Hour Rentals on Weekends and Evenings.
**All Saturday Rentals are reserved as Full-Day Rentals.